[Cape Hatteras National Seashore]

NOTE: There are no lifeguard stations along the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

The Country's first national seashore, this 75 mile run of beach is the composite name for all of the Outer Banks' coastline from Bodie Island, across to Hatteras Island and down to Ocracoke Island. Strict building regulations limit the amount of development to these shores. The beaches are what attracts most visitors to the Outer banks. And with good reason: more than 300,000 acres of surf and sand have near limitless potential for fun. Once you attempt the obvious, swimming or wading in the giant sized pool that is the Atlantic, the magic of the Outer Banks will push you to try windsurfing or sea kayaking. Teachers from one of the areas outfitters can have you windsurfing like a pro (or at least well enough to stay on board for more than 30 seconds) in less than two hours.
Indeed, the Outer Banks is perhaps the most perfect place in the world to take up an exciting sport.The constant and gentle late-morning and afternoon winds of the Outer Banks (usually averaging from seven to 15 miles per hour) are perfect for the beginning windsurfer or hang glider. And the warm shallow waters of the sound (in many places it is possible to walk from island to island without the water ever going above shoulder-level) make windsurfing a nearly risk-free adventure. Experienced windsurfers find perfect conditions on the Outer Banks as well, often travelling thousands of miles to pursue their sport. In fact, the area inside the bend on Hatteras Island is known as the "Canadian Hole" for the substantial number of visitors from our neighbors to the north that make the 15 hour trek on a yearly basis during the seasons of spring and fall.

*All photographs courtesy of Dare County Tourist Bureau*

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