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The trip to the final island is not made by bridge. Year round ferries depart from Hatteras to Ocracoke Island at regular intervals. During the 40 minute trip, the scenery is beyond campare. Various stories abound about how the island got its name, but the most popular involves Ocracoke's most famous resident: Blackbeard.

Fed up with Blackbeard's successes the English Crown put a price on his head in 1718. LT. Robert Maynard took up the challenge. On the night before what was to be his final battle, Blackbeard received word of Maynard's eminent arrival. Unable to escape that night because of the treacherous Diamond Shoals, Blackbeard was heard to cry repeatedly, "O cock crow! O cock crow!" Dawn tallied a bit too long, and Blackbeard was captured and beheaded.

Around Ocracoke Island you may encounter yet another one of the Outer Bank's mysteries: the Ocracoke Ponies. Since horses are not native to North America, the most popular story about their arrival to the island is that a British ship was finally allowed to search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke stopped at Ocracoke.

Also in Ocracoke is a plot of land known as the British Cemetery. The United States donated a small piece of Ocracoke to England in 1942 where four unknown soldiers of the Royal Army are buried.

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Beyond the numerous historical sights and mysterious legends to capture your mind, one visit to this charming fishing village and tourist retreat will certainly capture your heart. With miles of naturally preserved beaches, you can find your own remote spot and take refuge from the rest of the world.
The quaint Bed & Breakfasts and Inns offer a superb romantic getaway as you ride your bikes (the preferred mode of transportion) around this truly unique and artistic village. But remember to catch the sunset over Silver Lake Harbor every evening. It's a site to behold!

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